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Mobile app for visitors to the D-PARK amusement park

About the project

The goal is to produce a generic application - which can be adapted to any park in the future.
An application that will improve the visit at the park by personalizing the experience of each group that arrives, helping visitors to make decisions and navigate.


Splash screen

splash screen.png
Preparation screen for the user on what is going to happen in the next step - answering 2 questions.
Motivates the user to answer the questions on the following screens.

Motivation screen

Motivation 2.png

Login & sign up screen

Sign up 2.png
The main page contains:
1.   An offer to purchase a VIP ticket which leads to a more pleasant experience - fewer queues.
Requires an additional payment - profitable for the park.
2.   Personalized offers for the user.
3.   Rating of the attractions - it was stated in the brief that the park has a desire for the rating of the attractions. That's why the rating is on the home page - while users are queuing up and checking out the next attractions, they'll also be able to easily rate and get points for it.
Questions that are answered will enable customization for the user - he will be offered personalized offers in the application.

Wizard 1

Wizard 4.png

Wizard 2

Wizard 3.png

Home page

Main screen 3.png

Attraction Details

Single ride 2.png


splash screen-1.png

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