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cv creator

An application for easily creating and sharing CVs

Preliminary background

The task of creating a CV is not an easy task when looking for a new job. We want our CV to appear professional, stand out above the others, be at the right length. We want a beautiful design and accurate content. Sometimes it is also necessary to adapt the CV to different positions... and that means a lot of deliberation and work.


Today, there are platforms that can help you with this task, especially the design aspect. So we choose a template and if we write more than what was defined in the template we have to rearrange the paragraphs and spaces ourselves while still dealing with the writing issue. This is where our project begins.

about the project

       Goals and needs:

  • An application that will stand out above all the options available today, for creating a CV document.

  • An application that will suit everyone - with and without design or writing knowledge.

  • An application that will be simple and easy to operate.

  • A convenient option for managing several different documents (for several types of positions).

  • The user will not have to deal with the design at all (not even adjustments of the template)

  • An application that can also provide help with writing the content.

  • The option to share the CV with potential employers directly from the application.

  • The application will provide information on the number of times the document has been downloaded and opened.

  • The project requirements include a marketing landing page and the application itself.


Marketing landing page

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Login and sign up screen

The brief emphasized the priority for users to log in with LinkedIn.
Therefore, the sign-up button with LinkedIn is placed higher and is more noticeable with a sentence above it explaining why you should log-in with it.
For those not interested, the option is a username and password – more time and effort consuming, without another easy option like logging in with Facebook / Google to maximize sign-up through LinkedIn.
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The template selection is the first step for creating a CV because it is the easier and fun part for most users. The following steps are the informative part. We motivate the user to continue by choosing a template that they like. 
A progress bar is displayed throughout so the users know where the are in the process. The user can also move through the different parts of the process by clicking on them at the same bar. .

Template Selection Page

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In the job description field, a sample text is offered with highlighted words that are recommended to use. Once the user clicks inside the box, the text will remain and the user can choose to edit, delete or re-write it completely. Below the description box there is an option to replace the proposed text and browse through different options for the most suitable description.

Profile Info – Work Experience

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The application after documents have been created

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Document status

When clicking on the "additional actions" icon of a specific document, and choosing "Status" the user can see the number of times the document was sent, viewed and liked.
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